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We all enjoy the comforts of home often without even thinking about it. A couch to relax on after a long day at work, hot showers, a full kitchen—these are basic, everyday necessities for most of us. How often do we stop to picture what it would be like to not have those things? To have something as simple as a bed or even a roof overhead be an imagined luxury? This is a troubling reality for the thousands of kids throughout Los Angeles and across the country who live without the shelter or safety of a home. This November, I will be joining CEO’s and noted businessmen and women nationwide to get a taste of what it is like to spend a night in the street during the annual Covenant House Sleep Out.

The Sleep Out is an event put on by Covenant Houses across the nation where business men and women trade in their beds and homes for sleeping bags and card board boxes in order to raise awareness and money for the homeless youth of America. Last year this event raised over $3,000,000.000 and this year Los Angeles alone is aiming to raise $400,000.00. I recently joined the Covenant House CA Board of Directors and am ecstatic to be jumping head first into the fight on homelessness. All proceeds will go toward the Covenant House campuses and programs which provide not only a safe haven to help youth escape from the streets, but medical care, job training and educational opportunities that will provide them all the support needed to eventually live successful, independent lives.

It’s so easy to shut the front door of our homes and forget about those who are left out in the cold, but there comes a time when you can no longer ignore the problem. There comes a time when words have to give way to action and that time is now. If you are a business professional who would like to come join in on this exciting event, take a look at the Covenant House Sleep Out page to see how. The more the merrier! If you would like to contribute toward our Los Angeles goal, please take a moment to visit my personal Sam Solakyan Pledge Page. Every dollar helps to ensure that a child is safe from the terror of the streets and has the opportunity for a bright future.

// Sam Solakyan

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Over the years, Sam Solakyan has maintained a fine balance between his professional and philanthropic endeavors, emphasizing a dual commitment to excellence in the field of healthcare and community stewardship. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Phoenix and a student of M.B.A. at The George Washington University, Mr. Solakyan has spent more than a decade in healthcare, with particular accomplishments in business development. Following three years as director of business development for a chain of imaging centers in Los Angeles, Sam Solakyan founded Glendale-based Global Holdings, which he owns and operates to this day. Since the 2003 formation of Global Holdings, Sam Solakyan has diversified the company’s interests with the addition of subsidiaries Global Healthcare Solutions, Paramount Management Services, Global Pharmaceuticals, and Vital Imaging, now the number-one provider of MRI services in California. Together, these ventures comprise a powerful force in medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, billing and collections, and management consulting, with a broad client base of hospitals and private practices statewide. As a philanthropist, Sam Solakyan regularly gives back to the greater Los Angeles community, notably funding Serve the People, the Family Service Agency of Burbank, the Glendale Police Department, and various schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to these organizations, he sits on the boards of the Drug Enforcement Agency Foundation, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and Serve The People, which helps homeless families find food and shelter. Mr. Solakyan also gives to the Armenian Relief Society, the Red Cross, and the Filipino Children’s Fund. To view more information on Sam Solakyan and his charity work, please visit

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