Let’s say your daily job is physically demanding, requiring strenuous tasks like heavy lifting that can be taxing on the body, especially over several years. One random day, you come home from work to find your smiling daughter running down the driveway to greet you. As she jumps into your arms, you suddenly experience shooting pain in your lower back, leaving you physically impaired and psychologically bewildered.

How could your eight-year-old daughter, all of 60 pounds, unexpectedly wreak such havoc on your back? After all, you’ve been lifting much heavier boxes at work for the past 20 years.

Now what?

Vital Imaging | Sam Solakyan

The answer is Vital Imaging.

I created Vital Imaging, a medical diagnostic company, as an innovative imaging provider with a unique vision. Vital Imaging specializes in unifying the medical and legal industries to more accurately and efficiently process occupational injury claims.

When injury occurs as a result of workplace responsibilities, receiving a thorough and accurate diagnosis indicating the extent of your impairment is essential. To secure the maximum possible compensation for your injury claim, you require an imaging company that combines said diagnosis with expert legal guidance and resources. Vital Imaging is that company.

Unfortunately, the path to receiving due compensation can be fraught with difficulty and confusion. The two greatest obstacles individuals encounter when filing a claim include determining what actually constitutes a physical impairment, as well as quantifying an accurate value for a particular loss.

For years the AMA (American Medical Association) has been developing a model entailing strict guidelines for defining various aspects of loss of function and impairment, and how they constitute a medical diagnoses of physical impairment. The model, known as the ‘AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment,’ represent guidelines accepted by the vast majority of state legislatures, and serve as the basis for evaluating impairment for the purpose of compensation.

As our main goal at Vital Imaging is to provide our clients with the highest level of medical care, we have incorporated this widely recognized model into our practices. We guarantee that you will receive the greatest compensation for the extent of your injuries, and do so with confidence knowing that one of the most important factors in determining a claim’s value among insurance companies includes impairment evaluations which follow AMA guidelines.

Our state-of-the-art imaging technology allows us to produce the most accurate and thorough impairment evaluation, thereby safeguarding the compensation you deserve. At Vital Imaging, we offer many services to detect a wide array of injuries including nerve damage with our NCV/EMG test, standard breaks with our X-ray imaging technology, and injuries in specifically targeted, frequently overlooked areas of the body with our Stand-Up MRI. Due to its versatility, the Stand-Up MRI is especially beneficial for our clients who seek impairment compensation. The machine is able to display images in weight-bearing, standing, sitting, flexion, extension, or virtually any other position in which the patient is experiencing symptoms.

By combining our advanced medical technology and efficient ratings techniques, we have successfully created a uniquely effective, top-rated system for impairment compensation. Vital Imaging provides the most accurate patient care and sound legal services to provide you with the compensation that you deserve.

Vital Imaging is the answer.

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Over the years, Sam Solakyan has maintained a fine balance between his professional and philanthropic endeavors, emphasizing a dual commitment to excellence in the field of healthcare and community stewardship. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Phoenix and a student of M.B.A. at The George Washington University, Mr. Solakyan has spent more than a decade in healthcare, with particular accomplishments in business development. Following three years as director of business development for a chain of imaging centers in Los Angeles, Sam Solakyan founded Glendale-based Global Holdings, which he owns and operates to this day. Since the 2003 formation of Global Holdings, Sam Solakyan has diversified the company’s interests with the addition of subsidiaries Global Healthcare Solutions, Paramount Management Services, Global Pharmaceuticals, and Vital Imaging, now the number-one provider of MRI services in California. Together, these ventures comprise a powerful force in medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, billing and collections, and management consulting, with a broad client base of hospitals and private practices statewide. As a philanthropist, Sam Solakyan regularly gives back to the greater Los Angeles community, notably funding Serve the People, the Family Service Agency of Burbank, the Glendale Police Department, and various schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to these organizations, he sits on the boards of the Drug Enforcement Agency Foundation, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and Serve The People, which helps homeless families find food and shelter. Mr. Solakyan also gives to the Armenian Relief Society, the Red Cross, and the Filipino Children’s Fund. To view more information on Sam Solakyan and his charity work, please visit www.globalholdings.com.

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