About Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan is the Founder and Managing Partner of S3 Capital, Inc., a private equity firm seeking to invest in special situations with a particular focus on businesses that are facing barriers from realizing their full potential (e.g., inadequate management depth, legislative constraints, high cost-structure, arbitrarily high cost of capital, customer concentration). Sam views these complexities as opportunities and is willing to invest the requisite resources to analyze and address these circumstances. With no urgency for immediate liquidity, S3 Capital is well-suited to undertake these types of investments.

As an entrepreneur himself, Sam recognizes the overwhelming challenges and adversities faced by most entrepreneurs. He has founded multiple businesses—ranging from healthcare services to business-to-business software development—with the underlying objective of creating greater efficiencies (both corporate and industrywide) while addressing notable customer frustrations. He has created considerable equity value over the years by overcoming meaningful obstacles and intends to leverage the resources and experience he acquired along the way to assist other entrepreneurs in maximizing enterprise value. S3 Capital’s current portfolio consists of companies competing in the following market segments: (i) healthcare lead generation; (ii) differentiated healthcare services—i.e., medical clearance for government entities, cosmetic surgery and diagnostic imaging; (iii) business intelligence technology targeting the hospitality sector; and (iv) biotechnology.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Sam contributes his time to the following organizations: (i) Drug Enforcement Agency Foundation (DEAF), Board of Directors; (ii) National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Board of Directors; (iii) Los Angeles Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, Board of Directors; (iv) Covenant House California, Board of Directors; (v) District Attorney of Los Angeles Jackie Lacey, Finance Committee; and (vi) California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Finance Committee. Sam is a member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Los Angeles Chapter and holds an MBA from George Washington University.

Sam Solakyan is always exploring new business endeavors, everything from the latest health technologies to co-producing Hollywood movies. 2015 will indeed be a exciting year for both Sam Solakyan and business in Los Angeles.

To view more information on Sam Solakyan and his charity work, please visit www.s3capitalinc.com. and www.globalholdings.com.

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